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100% Original, Handmade Artwork by Nicole Nicholas.

Title: "Signs"
Colors: Red, cream white and black
Medium: Acrylic paint

    * Photos are not exactly to scale. Please see description for accurate dimensions.
    ** Colors will vary by computer screen. Please see the description for the color overview.

    About this Painting

    This painting is one of my husband's favourites, it also ended up being a big hit at a local art show I was at recently.

    For the background of this piece, my aim was to create a multi-toned look, where deep red, bright red and black all collide and combine to form a background that almost looks illuminated.

    Throwing the paint on the top layer was fun, because it actually ended up feeling more like drawing with paint than throwing paint, almost like writing a signature. I used different consistencies of paint to create both solid lines and drips, which would vary, depending on the effect I was going for in each particular section.


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