Customer Testimonials

Image of the painting "Unknown" up on a customer's wall
Image 2 of the painting "Unknown" up on a customer's wall

Painting: "Unknown"
"Hi Nikki! Just wanted you to know that your painting is up in our living room and it looks great!"
- Reanne D.

Image of the painting "Inferno" up on a customer's dining room wall

Painting: "Inferno"
"I love my new painting! I thought I would hang it up just the way it is until I saw a shadow box frame on another canvas. It looks so good this way!"
- Theresa C.

Painting: "Inferno" (commissioned remake)
"Absolutely beautiful!! Such an awesome artist and super kind. Looks great in my office."
- Alissanewell4 (ETSY)

Image of the painting "Red Descent" up on a wall in a customer's home
Image 2 of the painting "Red Descent" up on a wall in a customer's home

Painting: "Red Descent" (commissioned)
"Thank you! The painting looks great in our home. We have visitors comment on it all the time. We'll definitely tell more people about you!"
- Darren G.

Painting: "Sincere"
"Thank you so much! We really love our new painting Nikki! Keep them coming. We can't wait to own another!"
- Basil K. and Laura K.

Image of the painting "Ochre" up on a customer's wall in their entranceway

Painting: "Ochre"
"Happy to support! The painting looks great in my entranceway :)"
- Mark V.

Painting: "Bloom"
"Great composition! Vibrant colours and very good use of blank space."
- 2nd place feedback from the judge at the CCAG Spring Show in Calgary, AB.

Image of the painting "Let Go" just before being given to the customer

Painting: "Let Go"
"I love that I own the original of this one! It's definitely my favourite. I've been looking for some good abstract art for a couple years now. Thank you!"
- Ben B.

Painting: "Violet"
"The painting is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the shades of purple!"
- Cheryl N.

Painting: "Escape"
"Very pretty. Looking forward to putting it up in my salon."
- Sarah Z.

Painting: "Ryan's Red"
"Looks great above my couch. I love your style of abstract."
- Ryan S.

Image of the 3 piece painting "Concrete" after being painted

Painting: "Concrete"
"These look so good in my new place. Thank you!!!"
- Jenny S. 

Painting: Un-named Commissioned Piece
"Thank you soooo much!! I absolutely LOVE this painting. It looks so good in my condo :)"
- Ashley J.

Painting: "Graffiti"
"We just love the painting you made us!! I'm wanting another one for our bedroom!!"
- Rene L.

Painting: "Mirage" 
"My coworkers saw your painting in the background of my video call and loved it! 🥰 We so appreciate having it and beautifying our space with it ❤️"
- Polina M.

Painting: Multiple Un-named Commissioned Pieces
"Thank you! All the paintings look awesome."
- James B.