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Abstract Artist Photo - Nicole Nicholas

Hey everyone!

Here's how I got started creating and selling abstract art...

From a young age, I always loved creative hobbies; drawing, singing, dancing… pretty much anything that gave me an outlet to flex my creativity and imagination muscles.

Back in High School, art was always my favourite class. I would constantly be drawing portraits of people from magazines (thought I could only draw women for some reason… whenever I tried to draw men, they always ended up looking female 😊) I painted a little bit in art class but never really got into it much. I think I always found sketching a lot easier for drawing “real life” things, so I mostly steered clear of using paint. It wasn’t until I found my inner “abstract lens” that painting really took off as a medium for me.

Since then I’ve taken a variety of online workshops and courses but overall, I’ve found that most of what I’ve learned about painting has been earned through trial and error.

2009 was when the abstract side of things began… when I had a big empty wall at home and nothing to fill the space with. Looking at options online, nothing stood out to me enough to purchase, so I decided to make my own piece of artwork. That’s when my first abstract painting was born.

After hanging that first piece, gradually, friends and family would come over and see it there (as well as other future pieces I’d made) and offer to buy them; but not wanting to part with them, I would always decline. It wasn't until I started painting more often that I started saying yes to friends and family who offered to buy them. It was a welcome change, as I started to realize how much people liked what I was creating.

Then gradually, things took off and I was making and selling more artwork and going to art shows and winning ribbons, which was a really incredible experience.

Now I scan my paintings into digital form so that they can be printed onto canvas, to make them more readily-available for a larger number of people.

When I paint, I aim to create pieces that I would hang on my own walls, which is how I know I can feel good about what I'm selling - even though it makes them a bit difficult to give up sometimes!


If you have any questions about my art, please send me a message through this site, or through my Facebook page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your support! If you ever hang one of my paintings on your wall, I hope you enjoy owning it as much as I enjoyed creating it :)

- Nikki

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