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  • How to Have a Painting Re-created

    Hey everyone! I’ve received some questions recently about what's involved in the process of having a painting re-created (based off of one that’s already been sold). Since all of my...

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  • Spring Show recap!

    What a great weekend! I had such a good time at the Calgary Creative Art Guild’s spring show! It was held last Saturday, April 9th and had a great turnout,...

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    Spring Show recap!
  • How to Commission a Painting

    A while back, I sold a large commissioned abstract painting to a local family here in Calgary.  Since putting the painting up on my site, I’ve had some inquiries from...

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  • I've Joined the Calgary Creative Arts...

    Hey everyone! As of this month, I am officially the newest member of the Calgary Creative Arts Guild (CCAG)! The CCAG is a not-for-profit organization that’s been representing artists here...

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  • We Have a Winner!!

    We Have a Winner!!

    Congratulations to Basil Kelly from Calgary, Alberta for winning my free painting contest!!      Basil chose "Sincere" as his painting of choice from my website (great choice!). Thanks to...

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