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100% Original, Handmade Artwork by Nicole Nicholas.

Title: "Disrupt"
Colors: Black, red, white, grey
Medium: Acrylic paint

    * Photos are not exactly to scale. Please see description for accurate dimensions.
    ** Colors will vary by computer screen. Please see the description for the color overview.

    About this Painting

    A friend of mine once told me that this painting reminds him of a punk band CD cover. I definitely agree! The red splashes make it seem intense and almost angry (even though I was nowhere near those states of mind when I painted it), I just really like the combination of red, black and white.

    If you look closely, you can actually see some of the bottom layers underneath the painting, which show through when the light hits it at different angles. I love this effect because it shows that there are more dimensions or “hidden gems” to be found well after the first glance.


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