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"Let Go"


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100% Original, Handmade Artwork by Nicole Nicholas.

Title: "Let Go"
Colors: Blue, black and white
Medium: Acrylic paint

* Photos are not to scale, see description for dimensions. 
** Colors will vary by monitor and may differ in person.

About this Painting

You know how they say there are hidden meanings in art? How a good piece of art should be able to evoke some kind of emotion within the person viewing it?

My approach to painting hasn't generally been about painting to "tell a story", or to convey a particular emotion. I find different people are drawn to certain types of art for different reasons (especially abstract art) and every person naturally sees something different in each piece, based on their subconscious "ties" to the particular combination of colours, shapes, etc, they're seeing.

Because of this, I generally paint whatever "feels right" to me in each moment, knowing that I ultimately have no control over who likes what and that no matter what I intend for someone to see in a particular piece, I ultimately can't dictate what the spectator actually sees in it. I just paint what looks good to me and decide that I'm done when I get that "Aha!" at the end.

Having said that though, this painting was a bit different... It was made purely out of emotional release.

I painted it after colleague of mine had suddenly and unexpectedly been let go from his job. I was upset and felt an intense urge to release what was bottled up inside me. In that moment, painting came so naturally… I knew exactly what colors I wanted where, what shapes and tools to use and exactly the type of “feeling” I wanted to convey.

I definitely feel like I captured my state of mind in that moment and poured it out onto the canvas, just the way I’d imagined it.


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