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100% Original, Handmade Artwork by Nicole Nicholas.

Title: "Ochre"
Colors: Brown, red, cream, white and black
Medium: Acrylic paint

* Photos are not exactly to scale. Please see description for accurate dimensions.
** Colors will vary by computer screen. Please see the description for the color overview.

About this Painting

"Ochre" is an original abstract painting, handmade in acrylic paint by artist, Nicole Nicholas.

The background of this peice was created using various shades of brown, cream, black and red. There is a semi-transparent look to some of the squares, and also, upon close inspection, various textured strips are spread throughout the painting. 

Considered a geometric abstract painting, it exhibits a variety of squares and rectangles which layer on top of one another.

The piece is finished off with thrown, and palette-knifed white paint.


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